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When it comes to appointing a financial adviser, there are a range of factors to consider – charges, the services offered, whether they offer independent or restricted advice and the adviser’s level of qualifications.


The initial meeting is at our cost, it is a chance for us to get a better idea of your circumstances and objectives. We will not proceed with any work without letting you know the costs involved, and getting your agreement.

VouchedFor have rated our fees as ‘Competitive’ – this means they are within 15% of the UK average.

Services Offered.

We offer a financial advisory service which covers most areas of advice but typically we work with clients looking for Pension and/or Investment advice.


Financial advisers in the UK fall into two categories – Independent or Restricted. We are Independent. This means we have no ties to any particular providers and will only make a recommendation having conducted whole of market research.

Chartered Financial Planner.

Select Wealth Managers® were established in 2014 by Sean Gilbert, a Chartered Financial Planner. By using a Chartered Financial Planner you are choosing an adviser that must maintain standards of excellence in qualifications, ethics, business practices and professional development.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the normal fee for a financial adviser?

    In the UK, the average fees for financial advice are 2.4% of the amount invested for the initial advice and 0.8% per annum for ongoing advice.

    What is your fee for financial advice?

    Our initial advice charge depends on the amount invested/transferred. If you are looking for advice on pensions/investments totaling £100,000 our initial fee would be 2.25%. This would drop to 1.88% on £200,000, 1.2% on £500,000, and 0.97% on £1m. Read more…

    Is it worth paying for a financial adviser?

    Generally, yes. Various studies have shown that those who take financial advice are better off in the long run than those who do not. If you are looking at simple cash products like savings accounts or Cash ISAs, it is unlikely to be worth taking advice.

    Do banks offer free financial advice?

    No. Until 2012 financial advisors could be paid via commission, which gave the impression that advice was free. Since 2012, commission is no longer allowed on investment products and therefore financial advisors charge a fee for their services.

    Financial Advice in the Centre of Glasgow

    Looking for guidance on how to secure your financial future? Look no further than a Chartered Financial Planner in Glasgow. Whether you need investment advice, financial planning, pension guidance, or long-term care planning, we’ve got you covered.

    Your dedicated adviser will work with you to establish your financial goals and help you develop a clear plan for the future. With their guidance, you can increase your confidence as an investor and ensure that you and your family are well-prepared for whatever lies ahead.

    So why wait? Contact us today and start building the financial future you deserve.

    Glasgow-based Pension Advice

    Retirement is a major milestone in your financial journey, and it’s essential to plan for it carefully. While many people look forward to retirement, it can also be a time of uncertainty and complexity. That’s where our expert advice comes in – we’re here to help you navigate the challenges and make the most of your retirement.

    We can review your pension(s) and suggest ways to optimize your retirement income. We can also explain the various options available to you, such as drawdown, annuities, and taking the tax-free portion of your pension. With our guidance, you can make informed decisions and achieve a financially secure retirement.

    Don’t leave your retirement to chance – let us help you plan for a prosperous and stress-free future. Contact us today to get started.

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